Hello All,

I am blogger from Patna, India who writes about Technology, Telecom and Gadgets. I also code sometimes mainly for main own site and give some contributions to WorPress, *wink* I also sell WordPress Themes.

Computer and Technology has been my passion since i was a child young and after few blogs and failed communities, i started tech blog netrival.com in January 2011. Within six month the blog has Page Rank 3. (PageRank is dead now) It makes me really happy, I have never tried to alter the things to get better Page rank other than normal tune-up and SEO. Honestly, I believe that, one should concentrate on quality of post instead of involving any unfair means.

I also like to talk about blogging. particularly about WordPress and SEO at this Facebook Group. I am also moderator there and kill spams silently. I also provide WordPress services visit BlogSynthesis for details.

Well, I think all these are enough to keep me busy.

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What I like (except computer, technology and blogging):

Movies: Matrix, Terminator, Resident Evil, Titanic, Harry Potter …
Songs: Mainly Hindi songs + some English songs …
Books: Wings of fire, Anandmath, You Can Win …
Games: Cricket but do not have time to play. So, I just watch cricket.
Profile updated: Nov 28th, 2011

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