OK. Let me be clear. I am going to switch at least one of my WordPress blog to Static Site. But, I am thinking about a headless CMS and which Static Site Generator (SSG) will suit me. I have little experience with Node.js but more or less coding is fun and I always try experience new things.

For now, this site will remain as it is however I am testing with Ghost as headless CMS, since it offers clutter free writing experience.

The one problem (or hurdle) I am facing is working with image in those SSGs. While writing a blog post I don’t like a manually hyperlink those images or optimize their appearance. It hinders my writing process.

However, I have Gatsby, Hugo and Jekyll in my mind, in that order. ;)

Update: 1  dated: May 24th, 2021

The Hugo seems to easy to start and I just wrote my first blog post. However, Gatsby has better themes imo and are rich in feature but for someone who have no experience with the system might got stuck at some point. I am facing many hurdles. PS: I have vary little experience of Javascript. This might be the reason I am not getting somewhere. However, here are the two demo site based on Gatsby and Hugo. Not to mention the sites may be gone as I am just playing around with these two.